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11:28 pm    
October 12 2014


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October 6 2014
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Bukit Moko - 31082014

10:23 pm     8 notes
August 31 2014
Post tags: stargazing moko bandung West Java indonesia

The Sandcrawler, Fusionopolis, Singapore. 

Designed by Aedas

9:47 pm     3 notes
August 22 2014
Post tags: sandcrawler singapore Architecture aedas

What have you learned from your ancestor.

12:00 am     2 notes
August 19 2014

Sunset & sunrise on the sky above.

11:51 pm     5 notes
August 18 2014
Post tags: sunset sunrise singapore North Sulawesi travel

Manado, March 2014, Trip to finding my forefather.

My father and me trip, just two of us went for this trip. He brought me to the place where that KAWUN roots came. It was a very rare chance having trip like this. Thanks Pap.

11:18 pm     7 notes
July 20 2014
Post tags: manado indonesia travel north sulawesi

Sabar #10

My friend’s home, Mohamad Nurhadi . Designed by himself dedicated for his family. A really cool design, comfy space, and warm ambience. 

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July 19 2014
Post tags: Architecture interior indonesia bandung

Church of St Mary of the Angles, Singapore

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July 12 2014
Post tags: church Architecture interior singapore woha

Fine afternoon at Bishan Park

10:26 pm     4 notes
June 14 2014
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